Fitness coach helps pull fundraiser together for single mom with breast cancer

"I don't know half the people that are donating so it is so crazy to me that they are just showing so much support."

FARGO, N.D. — During trying times, one community member is reminding people all about the season of giving with a benefit that will help cover costs for a single mom who’s going through a tough medical diagnosis.

“She’s been through a lot of what people would consider hardships and just come out on top every time and such a strong individual so we thought that we needed to do something for her,” Fundraising hero, Jessica Pergrande said.

Jessica Pergrande met Gina Buchanan because they worked out at the same Fargo gym.

Buchanan, a single mom of three was in a battle for her life.

“June was my full diagnosis, I had a biopsy after I found that mass so after the biopsy, came the bilateral mastectomy then after that they knew my margins weren’t quite clear enough so they had to go in about 10 days later and take out another chunk kind of a big chunk little bit bigger than they thought the originally have to go in to take out,” fundraiser recipient, Gina Buchanan said.

Buchanan has been keeping her breast cancer diagnosis as secret to most people around her, but shortly after meeting Pergrande it didn’t take long for them to confide in one another.

“When you’re diagnosed with something or just going through a rough time your feelings start to diminish so I knew I needed somebody to help me with that positive paradigm just the little things that would put me down. She had a positive thing to say,” Buchanan said.

“I’ve been by her side thinking about her though this whole entire time and I’m just lucky enough that she confided in me to tell me about these things because it’s never easy not a lot of people knew about it and I was one of those lucky people that has been there by her side to help her out through this whole entire time,” Pergrande said.

With medical bills climbing, Pergrande knew she had to do something to help, so she reached out to Lend a Hand Up to raise money for her friend.

“Just to see it continuously climb up until this point has been probably the best feeling I know for me just knowing that Gina is going to get that help. We are actually just $16 away from $19,000,” Pergrande said.

“It’s just me and my littles and I don’t know half the people that are donating so it is so crazy to me that they are just showing so much support and prayers and thoughts for us,” Buchanan said.

Lend a Hand Up is providing five thousand dollars worth of boost funding in support of Buchanan.

For a link to help Gina’s battle, click here.

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