Breckenridge Boys Basketball Excited About Being Lead By One Of Their Own

First year head coach Stevin Lipp is back to his old stomping grounds as head coach of a program he helped lead to state tournament appearances

BRECKENRIDGE, MINN (KVRR) – A new calendar year and a new the season for Breckenridge Boys Basketball. But above all, it’s the start to a new era and, with it, a continuation of a family legacy.

“I’m just looking forward to being back in the community,” said first year head coach Stevin Lipp. “Initially, when I got the job, it started out with outreach from the Breckenridge community and then it expanded into the Wahpeton community.”

Lipp gears up for his first season as Cowboys head coach, after playing on the same court just four years ago. He’s the third generation in his family to make a name for himself at Breckenridge high.. At 21 years old, he’s one the youngest head coaches in the country.

“Everyone enjoys having Stevin as a coach and I think it’ll help a lot,” said senior Cooper Yaggie. “Gets the kids to play hard.”

“Just the respect he gets from that is huge,” said assistant coach Jordan Christensen. “They understand ‘okay, this guy knows what he’s talking about. We’ve seen it. We’ve watched it and they’ll play hard for him.'”

Lipp takes over for Arly Ohm, who had been at the helm the past four years, ending his run with a (13-13) season. But now, the reset button is ready to be pushed.

“I know it wasn’t that long ago that I was in their shoes but they still have to understand that the role I’m in here to do is to make them better,” said Lipp.

“We’re a little out of shape cause we haven’t done anything since November so that’s expected but once we get in shape, we got a very competitive group of seniors,” Christensen said.

“We’re excited to be back and excited to compete again,” Yaggie said.

Breckenridge opens the season on thursday against Perham.

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