Two Former Bison Impress At Senior Bowl

Former Linebacker Jabril Cox and Offensive Lineman Dillon Radunz were on the field for a good portion of the game

MOBILE, AL (KVRR) – On Saturday, former NDSU standouts Jabril Cox and Dillon Radunz played in the senior bowl.

They were opposite each other. Cox was on team “National” and Radunz on team “American.” Both took the TV spotlight at least once. Cox took a loose ball into the Endzone before it was officially ruled an incomplete pass. Prior to that, he helped to keep American off the board on tight coverage in the red zone. Radunz, on the other hand, used his 6’6, 298 pound body to help North Carolina’s Michael Carter get into the end zone. Radunz got the invite to Mobile in front of the team in the locker room after the bison’s lone game this fall.

Both with exceptional careers for the green and yellow. Cox had 5.5 sacks and an interception in his final season there before transferring to LSU. Radunz didn’t just take home the accolades, he took home quite a few box scores with his name on them. The senior took the field in 32 straight games for The Herd.

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