Sheyenne Wrestling Gearing Up for First State Tournament Duel

Mustangs making it there for first time in six-year history

WEST FARGO, N.D. — The North Dakota state wrestling championships are one week away and one team looking to write a Cinderella story are the Sheyenne Mustangs. For the first time in the program’s history, they’ll be hitting the mats in duel team competition.

In just the sixth season of their existence,  the Mustangs earned the four seed by pinning a 14-6 record with six coming in the Eastern Dakota Conference. One of those against the three-time state champions West Fargo.

From the first duel meet, the team knew this year would be special, however getting to this point — hasn’t been the easiest.

“Our first duel this year against Wahpeton, who’ve we have never beat before, we won by about 60 or something like that. We talked as coaches and we knew we were going to be pretty good,” head coach Lex Lunde said. “It depends on match ups. It depends on other things as well, a lot of our kids, we’ve been so young that they’ve been thrown into varsity spots immediately so they already have a lot of experience.”

“The room was like pretty empty right, but fast forward how many years later it’s just phenomenal it’s crazy,” senior wrestler Mekhi Dennis said. “This is my wrestling team I feel really proud of this team because we’ve done so many things. With the room being full I know that next year we’ll be prepped for many more years to come. ”

With a new opportunity brings a new challenge and the Mustangs are ready to show their strengths at the best of stages.

“It feels good knowing that we have a lot of guys in, which is a lot more chances to do better and get more team points,” senior wrestler Connor Mankse said. “And a lot more chances for our guys to upset those higher ranked kids too, which will be fun to watch. ”

“We’re going to go out there and we’re going to show them that we belong there and we’re here to stay,” Dennis said.

“We knew with the kids when they were fourth graders when we started that they would be in the high school age group when we started to get that rhythm,” Lunde said. “I had always told my A.D. in preseason meetings “Just be patient, in a couple years we’re going to be just fine” and we are. ”

Sheyenne gets their test early taking on the three-peat state champions and number one seed from the west, Bismarck, in the quarterfinals at 10 a.m. next Saturday.

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