NDSU’s Saddle and Sirloins ready for Little International competition

Contestants or bringing the heat and ruffling the fur for tomorrows Competitions.

FARGO, N.D. – Saturday marks the 95th year of NDSU’s Saddle and Sirloin’s Little International competition.

Agriculture Students are preparing their animals for the show, whether that is shearing, cleaning, or feeding.

This year there are 106 contestants showing animals, 50 curing ham and four students participating in a public speaking contest. Each student shows one of the animals they’ve taken care of during the semester.

“Contestants that win overall in their species or reserve in their species have the opportunity to get a scholarship, we have a lot of great donors that give us money every year so we are very fortunate in that aspect,” Assistant Manager of the Club Ashlyn Dilly said.

Students use this as an opportunity to get more experience showing animals they may not have had at their family farm.


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