Derby for Vets raises funds for local veterans

"All the proceeds, 100% of them go to the VA hospital for their services."

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — In appreciation of local veterans, a Derby for the Vets race and silent auction took place in downtown Fargo to help raise funds in support of veterans.

Members of the community rallied behind unique derby cars as they raced to celebrate the 9th Annual Derby for the Vets event.

“We came up with this crazy idea to run five ounce gravity powered cars and it just took on a life of its own down here in downtown Fargo at the VFW,” Derby for the Vets Director, Dan Jacobson said.

The event is a unique way to help raise funds for local veterans in the community.

“All the proceeds, 100% of them go to the VA hospital for their services. We cover a lot of things that taxpayer money and veterans programs don’t cover. My goal is to raise $100,000 total in 10 years,” said Jacobson.

With funds skyrocketing as the event goes on, Jacobson says there’s still a lot more to be done.

“We were able to do a lot of things with the over $70,000 that we’ve already raised and we were really looking forward to this year to get a nice bunch to that and next year at the tenth annual it’s going to be bigger than ever,” Jacobson said.

To make the event even more rewarding, event attendees were encouraged to participate in a silent auction.

“Oh the silent auction is great that’s all the donations that we get from businesses and people around the community. We get a lot of things that are anonymously donated that are super valuable all going to the VA hospital to help them with their project out there so we’re helping veterans in a lot of different ways,” said Jacobson.

One silent auctioneer says it’s all about coming together showing support.

“Every year I see a lot of people showing up for this event and it makes a difference, its really cool seeing people show up this year I wasn’t sure if they were going to do it and they did and it looks like it’s a good turn out, all the stuff that ends up coming out of here it ends up going to them and that matters,” Fargo resident, James Angsgman said.

The Derby’s director says he is looking forward to next year’s event which will include military war birds, over 700 derby cars and two days of family activities.

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