Dilworth Police hand out emergency Stickers

Taking a neat idea from the Twin Cities

DILWORTH, Minn. – Dilworth Police decide to take a Twin Cities idea and make it their own.

Starting as soon as next week Dilworth Police are offering stickers for residents to put at their door or gate displaying medical conditions.

The hope is that with some information about conditions such as autism, dementia, or hearing impairment officers will be better prepared when it comes to welfare checks, including being ready to deal with mental health crises.

“It’s just another way when they get there it’s going to be a sticker on the door if the citizens want it. It gives the officer just a bit more information about who they might be dealing with,” Dilworth Police Chief Ty Sharpe said.

Dilworth Police is looking to keep giving away these stickers as the community or surrounding communities need.

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