West Fargo hosts the City’s first Color Fest

The City of West Fargo has selected three artists among many applicants to paint murals.

WEST FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — You may notice an area in West Fargo is now a bit brighter. The City is hosting its first Color Fest.

“Today is Color Fest….we’re here from 10 to 4. We have three artists with us today that have outlined designs and people are painting by numbers for those designs to make big community art pieces in our downtown, which we call the arts on Sheyenne, “City of West Fargo Economic Development Director, Lauren Orchard said.

The City of West Fargo is in the process of reconstructing Sheyenne Street. Before the street is ripped apart, the community is coming together for an art block party.

“This is the first time we ever had color fest. We just invented it this year for the city of West Fargo and really we wanted to do it to show to people we can come back to life after covid,” Orchard said.

The City of West Fargo has selected three artists among many applicants to paint murals.

“I have never done anything this large, so it was kind of a learning experience for me as well. To see people out here painting my design is so cool. It’s just exciting,” Mural Artist, Leigh Nelson said.

Mural Event, LesleyAnne Buegel says “If it makes people drive by and go what’s this? You know a little delight for them as they go and they got two more pieces to go. As long as these pieces are up before they get torn down, I hope people just have a little moment of surprise while they drive past it or walk past it.”

“Having an idea where okay I could have 33 colors in there, so I could have 33 people painting at once. It’s super fun for people to gather around that,” Mural Artist, Nicole Gagner said.

Some of the children from the event believe it was fun too.

“Your friends at home, what will you tell them?…. You’re missing out. Yeah, that it was really fun coming here,” Event Attendees, Colton and Callen Foscher said.

Event Attendee, Mariah Dennison says “I like it. I think I should come back every year.”

“I painted a heart that says stay safe….Why would you do that?…. I feel like with COVID going around and everything, people just need a message that says to stay safe,” Event Attendee, Haley Buss said.

Sheyenne Street will be open for anyone to come by tomorrow to look at all the art pieces.

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