Former Bison Shahid Returning to Fargo to Host Summer Basketball Camps

Held at Fargo Basketball Academy

FARGO, N.D. — Former North Dakota State guard and one thousand point scorer, Vinnie Shahid is coming back to place he called home for two seasons and hosting a basketball camp at the end of July through the Fargo Basketball academy.

When the opportunity was provided to Shahid, it was all about giving back to the community that embraced him.

“Somebody brought it up to me,” Shahid said. “They wanted me to do one in my hometown of Minneapolis and I thought about it that it would be a good idea but I also think that if I do one in North Dakota the turnout would be a little better because they appreciated me a lot more during my college basketball career in North Dakota and giving back was always something on my mind.”

This won’t be just a one time deal, Shahid wants to make it a tradition and have it grow.

“This is something I actually want to move forward with and do and make it an every year thing,” Shahid said. “Having a basketball camp in North Dakota. Eventually hopefully we can expand and have camps all throughout the state. Make it something bigger than it is right now.”

Shahid is finishing up his first professional season overseas in Luxembourg playing for AB Contern where the team is about to make just their second playoff appearance in 16 years. Having this experience has really expanded his knowledge of the game and wants to bring it to the camp.

“I know a lot more. Just within a year then I knew last year coming in. I knew that being a professional basketball player, I would grow but I wasn’t really sure in which areas or in which but I’ve seen it happen in some many ways just because I’ve been worrying about basketball strictly every single day.”

Don’t worry Bison fans,  Shahid has kept an eye on the program since graduating last season. Seeing his brothers make a run to the Summit League championship game is something he knew would happen.

“We all knew Rocky (Kreuser) could be an all conference player. First time player. We all knew he had that capability,” Shahid said. “He just had to get out of his shell and he did that this year. You look at Tyree Eady. It was a career year. Sam Griesel went from being a role player to having the ball in his hands 70 percent of the time. The young guys did a great job and obviously it took them a couple games. They had some learning to do and get to where they are. I believe that everything happens for a reason. I feel like them losing that championship was God telling them they’re not ready yet and they need to get back to the drawing board and learn a couple more things. Coach Richman gets them working so hard that they’re always going to be successful because he always gets them to be in to what he has to say and everyone puts the team before themselves.”

The three dates for the camp are July 30th, 31st and August 1st. To register, go on to

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