Brotherly Love: Kobbervig’s Helping Central Cass Baseball to State Tournament

Sam, sophomore and Max, senior have created a bond through sports

CASSELTON- N.D. — Central Cass baseball is heading to the Class B state tournament for the first time since 2013. A big part of the run has come from two brothers who already have so many great moments together and now get to experience the ultimate goal.

When attending a Central Cass basketball or baseball game its hard not to find one of the Kobbervig brothers out there doing what they love. For Max, a senior and Sam, a sophomore, playing sports has always been something that’s bonded them together.

At eight years old, Sam would play up on Max’s teams and would be at all the practices to round out numbers.

“We just kind of came together more,” Sam said. “We just trusted each other and knew what we could do with both of our talents in basketball and baseball.”

“Just always being teammates,” Max said. “He would always come play up with me and then I’d always help him with practice and all that.”

That competitive nature started off the field at home when showing each other some quality brotherly love.

“There were nights where he end up crying and I’d get in trouble a lot and just always be fighting between who won a game,” Max said. “I always said I didn’t do anything and we always picked on each other for who won and it was a grudge match.”

“He just likes to hear himself talk,” Sam said. “I don’t really listen to what he says but we get along pretty well and think he can beat me up but I am bigger stronger and taller so I’d like to think I have an advantage over him.”

Those fights as kids has turned to back and forth debates as high schoolers between the two of them that their teammates and coaches love and feed off of.

“They’re so funny yet respectful. It never goes too far,” head coach Dustin Maasjo said. “They get along even though a lot of the time, it seems like they don’t. It’s all in good fun and it lightens the mood for the team. Going into a big game, they’ll say something funny and you see the weight come off their shoulders. It’s like OK, we’re here to have fun and its translated into our play.”

“It’s always opinion based and he thinks his opinion is right and most of the time, it’s not and my opinion gets put out there and I like to voice it,” Sam said.

Through all the friendly fire trying to decide who is better at the end of the day both look up to one another and are excited for making more memories together in the future.

“Very hard working and he likes to get stuff done,” Sam said. “He’s a great athlete and it’s hard not to look up to him.”

“He likes to say he doesn’t look up to me but I know he does,” Max said. “It’s just been a great moment of mine to look back on it when we get older how we got to play with each other at state.”

Central Cass faces Renville County in the opening round on Thursday in Jamestown.

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