Sheyenne High School holds its 2021 commencement

Head Principal Vincent Williams says the students thrived under unusual circumstances this year. 

WEST FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Sheyenne High School seniors celebrate their graduation in person. 

“Being grown-up. Finally leaving high school. Being able to start my life. It’s a good feeling to achieve all of this and be able to finally move on,” Graduate Isabelle Gipson said. 

Sheyenne High School seniors are officially closing the chapter. Despite the pandemic, the school held in-person graduation on the football field. Head Principal Vincent Williams says the students thrived under unusual circumstances this year. 

“The pandemic has been hard on a lot of students and families. Not only academically, but emotionally to see the joy on these students’ faces and their families’ faces. This year was tough but worth it,” Williams said.  

Families, friends, teachers, and facilities all came out to celebrate the milestone the students have accomplished. Now the students are off in different directions in life. 

Graduate Grant Honeyman says “I’m going to the University of Alabama, I’m going to be studying sports management. I cannot wait to get down to Tuscaloosa and get started on the next chapter of my life.”

“I’m actually going to school at NDSU for music education. I love to teach. I love to perform on the saxophone, so that’s going to be really exciting,” Gipson said. 

Regardless of where everyone ends up, the students say they are looking forward to the reunion. 

Gipson says “It’s going to be so much fun when we see each other over the summer and just like to live it up and have a good time when we see each other.”

“Keep living it up. Can’t wait to see you guys this summer and let’s have fun this summer,” Honeyman said.

Principal Williams has one more piece of advice for the graduates. 

“In life, there’s always going to be setbacks and trials. What matters most is how you respond to it. If you get knocked down, get back up and keep fighting,” Williams said. 

We have a link to the full graduation ceremony here

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