Shanley’s Anderson Falls Short Of Olympic Team; Finishes Wave II With 3rd Best Personal Time

The senior will stay in Omaha for the remained of the qualifiers before heading back to Fargo

OMAHA, NE (KVRR) – Shanley high’s Eric Anderson came up short in wave 2 of the 50 meter freestyle at the Olympic Trials in Omaha, finishing with a 23. It was his third best personal time but a sixth-tenth of a second off what was needed to advance to the finals. The senior and Deacons head coach Pat Anderson were down in Nebraska after advancing from the prelims and wave 1 meet. He might not be heading to Tokyo but the swimmer understands the magnitude of making it this far.

“Coming to a meet like this, being able to perform at your best or close to your best or as close to your best as possible,” the senior swimmer said. “Just trying to cut little bits here, little bits there. It’s just a huge, huge deal to be able to do it.”

“He wanted to do something and then when it happened, he wanted more,” his head coach noted. “And more got us the opportunity to be here this week with the Olympians.”

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