Happy Father’s Day From KVRR

FARGO, N.D.– With this being Father’s Day, KVRR hit the community to find out how special father’s day is and what it means to them.

“Favorite thing about being a father is watching them grow up instilling some values you know that’s probably the most fun part to watch,” Jacob Boltenshier

“Fathers day is very special the kids and i spent hours upon hours last night preparing for this day for the father of our family so it’s a very special day,” Samara Jones

“I think is means alot i dont get to see my dad as much as i use to because i came over to Fargo for college so it’s nice getting together and having that special holiday with him,” Cole Wheatmen

“Its very special my dad and i shared a lot of different memories together and we bonded over a lot of different things in life sports have brought us together he is a big reason why i am where i am now,” Jackson Roberts

“Wonder advice he gives me. To me, I have three kids who love them all the same, pretty special. This one was actually born on fathers day 21 years ago,” Lakota and Chris Mullinhan

“Fathers day is very special cause your parents get older its a good way to show their how you care about them and appreciate them it’s a very important day,” TJ Nelson

“Fathers day is a day that i feel we can celebrate those members of our family that work so hard to provide and just to be there for our family,” Samara Jones

“Fathers day is a time I celebrate one of the most important people in my life someone who has been there for me since day one someone who will literally go out of his way at any point no matter what do to even the smallest thing for me,” Jackson Roberts

“What does fathers day mean to me it’s time to celebrate my dad who raised three kids worked all the time got us out in the garden so maybe thats why im not a garden nowadays,” TJ Nelson

“Just a day for dad to relax and have some peace and quiet,” Jacob Boltenshier

“Just spending time with my dad having a good time where ever we are” Cole Wheatmen

“Amazing, yeah really amazing you don’t get that not everybody gets that gift,” Lakota and Chris Mullinhan.


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