Fargo Native is Making Her Way to the Miss America Pageant

"It felt like the stars aligned. I believe it was God's plan and finally, the time was right,"

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — A Fargo native is representing North Dakota this year at the Miss America pageant.

“It felt like the stars aligned. I believe it was God’s plan and finally, the time was right,” Miss North Dakota Reyna Bergstrom said.

Bergstrom’s wishes are coming true. After six years of competing for the title, she’s finally Miss North Dakota.

“The fact it finally happened. It’s been a dream for years. It’s very validating. Yes, truly exhilarating,” Bergstrom said.

What was going through your mind before it was announced you were the winner?

Bergstrom explains “You know it’s fun to watch the video now because we were just talking, talking, talking, and clinging to each other, but when it was announced it was truly like a blur. I heard screaming. I didn’t even register what they said. It was Grace yelling at me ‘You won! you won!”

Bergstrom won over 12-thousand dollars in scholarship money. She plans on attending college in the fall to pursue her master’s in journalism. Until then, she’s planning on going on a tour this fall around North Dakota.

It’s all in an effort to meet the communities, but to promote her project  The Influencer Era – Impact Beyond the Screen.

“Going forward to the future, it’s like yes we live in this technological era and that’s not going away, but we still need to know how to engage with one another, so I want to be able to help kids and teach kids those kinds of skills,” Bergstrom said.

On top of the tour, Bergstrom has to prepare for the big competition: the Miss America pageant in the fall.

Bergstrom is excited “to serve and represent North Dakota this year. This is true in a lifetime opportunity and just have this chance and yeah I’m just truly thankful and very excited.”

Bergstrom encourages every woman to participate either in the pageant or by volunteering.

You can find more information on her website by clicking here.

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