Texas cold snap will cost North Dakota Xcel Energy customers about $200

FARGO (KVRR/KCND) – Xcel Energy natural gas customers in North Dakota will see an increase in their monthly bills starting in July.

It’s called a “pass-through” cost brought on by the cold snap in Texas, which caused price spikes.

Customers can expect to be billed about $200, spread out over 15 months. That was the compromise reached by the North Dakota Public Service Commission.

The charge will be in effect through September, 2022. The PSC still has to formally approve the plan.  The commission will hold a special meeting next week.

Montana Dakota Utilities started collecting the extra fees in June.  MDU Spokesman Mark Hanson says the average customer is seeing a $3.87 per month charge on the bill through December, and from January through September, that will go up to $4.48 per month.

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