Fargo’s Red River Market opens for its 7th season

FARGO (KVRR) — Saturday is the official opening of the Red River Market for its 7th season in Fargo.

“Funny to think that 7 years ago there were maybe 10 vendors and looking at how incredible it is now. It feels like a street fair, rather than a farmer’s market,” Three Bears Honey Marketing Manager Brittany Luthi said.

The Red River Market is open every Saturday until October 30th.

“The market has a massive impact on the community, rather you’re a small business owner, you’re an individual coming to use our food stamps program, you’re a business downtown or you’re a business trying to recruit people to Fargo-Moorhead, the Red River Market is a beautiful part of our community and it makes it a great place to live,” Red River Market Co-Founder Joe Burgum said.

There are over 65 vendors in the market. There are food, merchandise, and beverage vendors. There is live music every week, including a food demonstration.

“We pride ourselves in being a radically inclusive place. We really want this to be the heart of Fargo-Moorhead and want to make sure everyone is welcomed to come and enjoy the joys of local food,” Burgum said.

Deb Jenkins is one of the original vendors who has been around since the first market 7 years ago.  She says this event has proven to be a great addition to the community.

“It’s sort of when you have a great product. I don’t know. I think this is a good product. It’s not something people are generally disappointed in. They spread the word and look at what happened,” Owner of Deb’s Corner Deb Jenkins said.

Dozens of people came out of the opening of the market. Another vendor who launched his business three years ago at the Red River Market says this event helped his business grow.

“Since the launch here it’s just grown. Every year I would say it doubles. Right now we’re in a really good place to continue growing and I think eventually being a brick-and-mortar location and be really part of the downtown community forever and it all kind of starts here,” Livin’ the Dream Pottery Owner Hayden Swanson said.

Next week the market will be operating on Sunday. This is the only schedule change for the season.

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