Hawley’s Hanson Making Most of Opportunity With Sioux Falls Canaries

Parker Hanson was signed by the American Association squad on July 8th

Photo Courtesy: Ry Tupper/Sioux Falls Canaries

SOIUX FALLS, S.D. — After finishing up a five-year baseball career at Augustina, Hawley native Parker Hanson’s focus wasn’t on couniting in the sport until one text  from the Sioux Falls Canaries player development coach changed it all.

“My heart started racing there at work but that’s how it came all about and I replied back to make sure it was ok with my boss and he was ok with it so I was able to suit up that night,” Hanson said.

Hanson is the perfect example of the everyday grind. He still keeps the day job working for Merrill Lynch as a client associate and then suits up for the Canaries  at night.

“I’m in the office by 7:50 and then I’m working up until about 2 o’clock on home games,” Hanson said. “I’m there until 11 so not a lot of free time. I’m pretty busy but it’s fun.”

One of the first people Hanson told about signing was his friend former North Dakota State and current Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Ben Ellefson.

“I’m like dude, I can’t stop shaking. I’m so nervous and he goes relax,” Hanson said. “You’re fine. You’ll do just fine basically so he’s a good dude and I’m glad I was bale to grew up with him.”

Hanson has impressed already, he’s about to make his first career start after going six innings allowing just one run on 4 strikeouts in relief.

What’s allowed him to have success is looking back at the one challenge he’s faced his entire life: being born without a left hand.

“I don’t like to be told I can’t do something. My whole baseball career was I was going to do something I was told I couldn’t do,” Hanson said. “Obviously, here we are getting to play pro baseball. The whole story is just a good story. A fun story. I get to be an inspiration out of kids which is one of the biggest things for me I’m taking from this. I’m meeting families of people who come to games that want to meet me and introduce me to their kid who has a missing hand or a war vet who I met the other night who lost his hand so it’s just cool things I’m able to do now with the platform I’ve been able to build.”

Hanson went four innings in his first start and took the no decision.

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