Valley City Site Launching Campaign to Upgrade Facilities

Hope is to raise $25 million to complete three phase project

VALLEY CITY, N.D. — Valley City State is hoping to make big changes towards their future.

The athletic department announced their launch forward together campaign, which would put 18 million dollars towards upgrades to their athletic facilities including a new indoor turf practice facility.

The current fieldhouse was built in 1960 when the school had just 111 athletes and seven sports programs. Now, athlete enrollment has increased to over 300 and there are 14 sports that compete.
The project would come in three phases.

Athletic director Julie DeVries says 3 million has already been raised and the importance of getting this going is beneficial in more ways than one.

“We’ve always had Florida kids. We’ve always had California kids and kids from down south but maybe we can keep some kids from North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota from going south,” DeVries said. “Keep them home because they know they’ll have an opportunity to train indoors and hope that it makes our spring sports more competitive of course. Give us more room for all of our athletic programs.”

The goal needed to complete all three phases is 25 million dollars.

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