Will Borgen’s Journey To Seattle Traced Back To Moorhead

The former Spud was selected by the new organization in the NHL expansion draft on Wednesday
Borgen Still

MOORHEAD, MINN (KVRR) – He laced up the skates at Moorhead High, then with Saint Cloud. After that, he joined the Buffalo Sabres A.H.L. affiliate, the Rochester Americans in western New York for a seasons. He played in NHL games then, but FM’s Will Borgen will have a new home that’s brand new.

“I’m excited for it, the opportunity out there,” Borgen said. “But I’m sure I’ll appreciate it a lot more as I get older saying that I was part of the beginning of Seattle’s franchise.”

Borgen doesn’t come from a hockey family but the game came naturally to him. He stood out from the pack his senior year, leading the team with 21 points, part of his 26 points, the 2nd most on the team.

“Moorhead Hockey has been pretty much the whole reason probably why I got as far as I did. The culture, the alumni, like everybody comes back here especially the guys that played here.

The 24 year old grew his game on this ice. And when he spends his summers in the area, he goes back to the old stomping grounds.

“Dennis Bushy has been a huge part of it, being the rink manager at Moorhead,” he said. “Giving us free ice whenever we wanted to.”

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