Former MSUM Softball Players Speak Out About Former Coach

Former players state claims of verbal and emotional abuse while under her leadership

MOORHEAD, Minn. (KVRR)¬† — “It’s just something that started off weird because i never had been treated like that before,” said Ashley McCance.

This tweet made by Lexie Kennedy, a former softball player at MSUM, gives a different insight to why former softball coach Amanda Reckamp resigned from her position.

“At the end of my season along with a couple other of my teammates we had went to Doug Peters who was the Athletic director of MSUM at the time and basically reported her reported our experiences, and had basically gone over everything that had happened to us that season and and we just didn’t feel like she was a good fit for MSUM and that it was just really bad,” Lexie Kennedy said.

“So I kind of was just like maybe I’m hearing things wrong or doing things wrong maybe it’s me but then as i saw other players getting treated the same way like Lexie for example i was like that’s not good,” McCance said.

In a statement released from the college they said in part “Reckamp has resigned to pursue other passions and pursuits inclusive of dog rescue work and joining a family venture.”

Former players share their personal experiences while under Reckamp’s leadership stating that the coach showed favoritism and singled out different players.

“She told us to shut up and and to pipe down from the peanut gallery and Taylor and I were like very taken back and we were like ‘What?'”, Kennedy said.

“One time in a game I was playing first and I had a bad throw to the catcher to get an out and i went up to the catcher and said my bad that’s my fault and immediately walking off the field the first time she said to me what what the ‘F’ is wrong with you and I was like I don’t know and she pulled me from playing and didn’t give me any good correction and kept saying what the ‘F’ is wrong with you,” McCance said.

“And for the first time in my life I ended up having to go to therapy about a month into the season because i didn’t know how to handle it I didn’t know what I was doing wrong,” ¬†Kennedy said.

“I never would have recruited you and never had you on scholarship. Things like that she would tell me off to the side and in practices too,” said McCance.

Players also said they reached out numerous times to the athletic director and president about their ordeals but claims nothing was done. I reached out to the college via email and phone and was left with no response.

“And I was like I wanna quit I can’t do this its just grueling I’ve dedicated my life to this sport and i learned and loved some much from it the way she treated me and everyone else is just horrid,” said Ashley McCance.

We also reached out to Coach Reckamp for comment and we are waiting for a response.

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