Vinnie Shahid’s Return To Fargo Marked By Impact On Basketball Community

The former Bison teamed up with the Fargo Basketball Academy for three days of clinics

FARGO, ND (KVRR) – The Fargo Basketball Academy was busy this weekend. About 20 kids each day taking the court and learning all parts of the game from someone who has shined at the SHAC.

For the first time since COVID-19, former Bison Vinnie Shahid was in FM area to reunite with the game. But this time, so he could teach it to the next generation.

“Giving back is always huge for me. Just to come back and be able to do that and give a message to the kids to continue to work hard, it just means the most to me,” Shahid said.

He teamed up with the Academy to put on three days of clinics for kids in 4th-12th grade.

“He’s a natural coach. His presence, his energy, his charisma, he just makes great connections,” said Kate Johnson, Owner, Fargo Basketball Academy.

It’s not the first time Shahid has worked with the organization. Last year during the height of the pandemic, he used their gym to train in preparation to play pro ball in Europe. In return, he gave virtual lessons.

“It’s like family to me,” Shahid said. “They reach out and we talk all the time and they check up on me; I check up on them.”

The Academy’s relationship with Bison Basketball has always been strong. It led to Shahid’s involvement with them. This weekend, he brought on two more members of The Herd.

“You know we were this age, we looked up to kids that are in our position right now so to be able to give back to the community that supports us so much during the year is great,” said Tyree Eady, NDSU Guard.

“Being able to set an example for these kids, just being a role model in the community, just trying to set the right example, it’s just real cool,” said Jarius Cook, NDSU Guard. “Obviously the kids look up to us and just being to teach the game, doing something that we love, is awesome.”

“I feel like if you’re having fun doing anything, you’re always getting better when you’re doing it so those three things: to listen, learn, and have fun,” Shahid said. “Those are my three things for the kids.”


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