13 Avenue & 25th Street South construction replaces 20-year-old pavement

One of Fargo's busiest streets is under construction and has narrowed the street down to one lane

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – One of Fargo’s busiest streets is under construction and has narrowed the street down to one lane.

“This pavement is getting to be 20 years old and this is a way to kind of give it a facelift,” Fargo Engineering Project Manager Jeremy Enquist said.

Crews started work on phase one of the 13th Avenue South concrete pavement rehabilitation project from 25th to 28th Streets. Workers will remove the bad areas of concrete pavement and replace the area with new concrete.

“This 13th Avenue street is high volume traffic, so it is in need people are bouncing all over the patches every day. So, I think motorists are going to appreciate the work we are doing here when we are done its going to almost like a brand new road and we hoping to get another 20 years out of it,” Enquist said. 

The project will reduce 13th Avenue South to one lane and local business owners say it could be a positive move for them.

“Well down to one lane then people can see our sign and say hey we can go in there and check it out that store. So we are going to focus on the positive of it and of course that they are going to be working on the road which we always appreciate,” Vintage Point Owner Nancy Frie said.

Fargo Streets is asking for drivers to be cautious when driving on the congestion street and to pay attention to the road.

“People slow down through the construction zones, maybe put your phone down for just five minutes. I know everyone lives on their phone but at least put it down through construction zones . We have workers working right along side the lanes and traffic with speeds are dangerous,” Enquist said.

Phase one of this project is expected to take up to 10 weeks.

Phase two will run up to 21st Street South.

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