Multiple Downtown Fargo business storefronts vandalized overnight

600 block of Main Avenue, Fargo

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Fargo Police need your help in tracking down a suspect who vandalized several downtown businesses.

With broken windows, shattered glass and a suspect on the loose, businesses owners along the 600 block of Main Avenue are shocked after falling victims to vandalism.

“I saw the side windows all smashed out and of course glass all over the sidewalks. There were two police officers standing in front of the windows and came inside and found chaos in here with products everywhere. Basically a bomb went off and it looked like a blast in here,” Salon Duo Owner, Mikaela Hutson said.

Police say they were called to reports of a male breaking windows in the area at 2:14 a.m. The caller says the suspect was a white male wearing all black clothing.

Other places that fell victim to the vandalism include Rhombus Guys, Wimmers Jewelry, Reed and Taylor Antiques and Nichole’s Fine Pastry,

“There’s two windows here in the alley that were damaged and I’m very thankful nothing inside was damaged beyond repair. So, really minor, just a big inconvenience. The to-do list is already a mile long and to add something like this on top of it is kind of a pain,” Nichole’s Fine Pastry Owner Nichole Hensen said.

Aside from the high cost of window repairs, Hutson says even more will be lost in revenue.

“We did have to cancel appointments today to make sure everything is safe and secure for our guest and it’s unfortunate because of course our stylist doesn’t have a day of work and they don’t get paid,” said Hutson.

Although the damage is disheartening for the business owners, their attitude to bounce back remains positive.

“We’ll make the time and get everybody in and at the end of the day everything can be replaced, nobody got hurt and that’s why you have to keep in mind,” Hutson said.

“We’ve still got it pretty good. So, keep your chin up, we’ll get it all fixed and put back together and move on,” said Hensen.

Fargo Police ask for you to call them if you have any information on the suspect.

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