Forming A Special Bond: Concordia Football’s Tanner DuBois and Andy Gravdahl

From rivals in high school to best friends and roommates in college

MOORHEAD, Minn — “Four years together and those two are just silent giants. They don’t really talk a ton but there’s always together I can tell you that. They really care for each other and you can see that. I don’t think I’ve seen the two of them ever angry with each other.”

Quarterback Tanner DuBois and receiver Andy Gravdahl are entering their fourth year together playing for Concordia football. Their relationship from rivals to friends started back in their senior year of high school, DuBois playing for Fargo South and Gravdahl at West Fargo leading them to become teammates at right around the same time.

“We played football and baseball against each other and then we actually met for the first time at the North Dakota shrine bowl,” DuBois said. “We got to talking. He had just committed to Concordia and I had already committed and for there we just really started to get to know one another. We both started getting even closer our freshman year when both playing quarterback.”

“He committed before me but after I saw that I eventually made my way to Concordia,” Gravdahl said. “I didn’t think we’d really get along with the high school rivalry we had but he’s a really cool guy so there’s nothing much to hate about him.”

Since that quarterback room brought them together freshman year their bond has grown even stronger. So much so that now both are roommates.

“We just click. Were interested in the same things,” DuBois said. “Both love sports and it’s been really awesome getting to know him and get close to him.”

“When he laughs, I laugh. When I laugh, he laughs,” Gravdahl said. “It’s just fun to be around him.”

Entering their senior season, the Cobbers are going through some change switching from the triple option to the spread offense. It’s become easier for them to learn going through it together.

“It’s great to go home and study with him. Watch film with him,” Gravdahl said. “A lot of review goes on at our house. He’s just a great guy and I never thought we would be friends.”

“Me being QB and him being in the slot. We have to know the same things,” DuBois said. “We have to be on the same page. It really helps being together all the time because we can just go back and forth and quiz each other if we need help and ask questions.”

Gravdahl will be an integral piece to the offense while DuBois is fighting for the starting job. Head coach Terry Horan knows the former Bruin has all the right qualities to take it.

“He just has savviness. He’s a really good leader. He has a calming presence to him that I really like. He’s really cerebral and processing things.”

DuBois, Gravdahl and the Cobbers debut in their season opener September 4th against Valley City State at home.

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