NDSU’s Roehl Discusses QB Situation and the Return of Sproles to the Offense

Offensive Coordinator Tyler Roehl talks quarterback battle and return of receiver Phoenix Sproles ahead of fall season

FARGO, N.D. — Nine days until North Dakota State football kicks off their season at home against Albany. Fall camp is over and the focus now is all about week one. One of the questions still left to be addressed is who will start at quarterback.

Three players have been battlingĀ  for the job. Cam Miller, who played eight games in the spring including two starts in the FCS Playoffs. Quincy Patterson, a transfer from Virginia Tech who practiced with the team this spring and freshman Cole Payton, a two-star recruit out of Omaha.

Speaking with offensive coordinator, Tyler Roehl, there is still no definite answer, however all three have taken the right steps in getting there.

“All three are a little bit different and unique in their own right. Its fun to see how each one of them has grown,” Roehl said. “There is a lot that those three have to handle. Who can execute the offense. Who can play within the system. Just the throw the ball to the easiest most access receiver. Who is precise in the passing game. Just the who can run our offense with the most precision.”

Whoever ends up taking over under center will get a nice weapon back at receiver. Phoenix Sproles returns healthy after missing all of last year with an ankle injury. Roehl was quick to say the captain has set himself up for a big season.

“Him being injured you knew all the guys saw how hard he was working to get back. He has a leadership ability for the team,” Roehl said. “I think guys rally around him. He’s a very likeable guy with a positive and contagious energy. He’s a vet and been through some big time games. He’s been able to help the young receiver along. So excited for his growth and it’ll be a big season for phoenix.”

In Sproles last full season in 2019, he had 33 catches for 533 yards and two touchdowns.

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