Complimentary Football and Breakout Performance from Gonnella Leads to NDSU Victory Over Albany

Bison beat the Great Danes 28-6

FARGO, N.D. — North Dakota State football taking their season opener in dominant fashion putting up scores in all four quarters to down Albany at home 28-6.

The game was all about the defense providing the spark for the offense. Code green forced three turnovers all leading to scores.

In the first quarter it was a forced fumble putting NDSU in front by 7 then in the second an interception by safety Dawson Weber setting up the first touchdown thrown by quarterback Quincy PattersonĀ  in a Bison uniform and a two-score advantage before the final seal by cornerback Destin Talbert’s pickĀ  in the fourth.

“Anytime we can play complimentary football, it’s a positive,” head coach Matt Entz said. “It was great to see our defense come up with some turnovers. It was exciting. Something we’ve emphasized. Situational football. Getting after it. Getting great pressure on the quarterback. Ball disruption is critical for our success. It gave the offense short fields at different times.”

“Entzy always talks about complimentary football. Without defense, the offense is nothing. With offense, the defense is nothing,” quarterback Quincy Patterson said. “Having a defense like that who doesn’t let up points. If we put up 20 points, were winning the game because our defense is giving up more than 14 and that’s guaranteed almost every week.”

“Our goal this whole offseason was three takeaways per game,” safety Dawson Weber said. “It’s been that why and it’s code green defense to do that. We meet that goal today so its just get back to work on Monday and keep going in the right direction.”

The first win also brought a breakout performance coming from running back Dom Gonnella, who was just named the starter this week and rushed for 135 yards and two touchdowns.

A feat head coach Matt Entz said came from gaining experience.

“He’s running at a different level then he has in the past. I think he is stronger in the lower body then he was in the spring,” Entz said. “That happens with maturity. Getting with coach Kramer. I think when he was away from us for about six weeks in Arizona to play minor league baseball, he put his time in.”

“It makes the game a lot easier when we don’t have to run continuous plays to get off the field,” Patterson said. “It’s cool to have a back like that who can break one whenever.”

Next game for the Herd will be next Saturday at home against Valparaiso.

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