NDSU’s Weber Looking To Remain Key Player in Defensive Secondary

Had an interception and three tackles in week one win over Albany

FARGO, N.D — Safety Dawson Weber was limited to just four games in 2020 dealing with a shoulder injury, however, after earning the number two spot in the defensive backfield this season, the California native  is already putting Bison nation on their feet with his interception setting up  the offensive’s second score  on Saturday. One of three turnovers in the win.

“We were preaching it all offseason. The spring season we only had three turnovers and that definitely wasn’t code green defense,” Weber said. “The result was not what we all hoped for. Three turnovers was our mark and we reached that no we have to get back to work and get three more this week.”

Defensive coordinator David Braun said the time away from the field  developed the senior’s confidence and belief even more and Weber has now seen that come to fruition in game action.

“My understanding of a defense as a whole from d-line to linebackers and the back half. Becoming more of a vocal leader and taking accountability too,” Weber said. “Guys relying on me to make the big plays and showing what I can do.”

Taking on those roles has not only benefited Weber, but the others around him in the position room. Creating bonds for a lifetime.

“Mike (Tutsie) is one of my best friends for life and I’ll be there with him until all is set and done. I know it’s vice versa,” Weber said. “Dom (Jones) our relationship has grown this past year and a half. Him being a young guy I’ve definitely taken him under my wing. Showing him the ropes on how we do things here. He’s taken that to a whole other level and is playing his best football right now.”

One of the key qualities teammates and coaches say make Weber such a great leader is the energy he provides, which comes from the family he gets to be a part of.

“Passion for the game and passion for the people I play with. I just love everyone on this team,” Weber said. “The whole program. Staff included and I just love getting it my all in front of Bison nation every Saturday.”

It’s just the start for Weber playing alongside Tutsie and Jones as he wants to keep being that spark for the defense all year long.

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