Farmers from across the country attend Big Iron

"The big iron is a good way to network with farmers in the North Dakota, Minnesota area. We've always had great success meeting with farmers here."

WEST FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – Farmers and ag exhibitors throughout the nation are gathering at the 41st annual big iron farm show to learn more about the latest cutting-edge agricultural products, equipment, technology, and services.

“We have a lot of folks from all over the world that come to this event, but the real purpose is to showcase agriculture, innovation of agriculture, and just all the great things that we have to offer here in the great state of North Dakota,” Red River Valley Fairgrounds CEO, Cody Cashman said.

Even though there are several companies and attendees from around the world that attend this event, an Edgeley farmer, Braydin Diede, has been coming to the big iron event for several years. He says that the opportunities presented at the show help him grow his custom farming business.

“I have been going to the big iron farm show for countless years. It has always been fun to go to it; lots of things to see, new innovations, that’s probably my biggest thing is seeing that and for a custom business that is really what you need to succeed,” Diede said.

Among the 900 exhibit booths at the event, Quality Drills, a company that specializes in air seeders and planters, says the event is great way to build their customer base in the Midwest region.

“The big iron is a good way to network with farmers in the North Dakota, Minnesota area. We’ve always had great success meeting with farmers here. There are a lot of guys interested in new technology and we are here to share that with them,” President and Owner of Quality Drills Stefan Alderson said.

Cashman, says he senses a wave of excitement at the event.

“We are really excited about having all these folks out here today. As you can see it is completely packed with people, packed with equipment, and it is just amazing that we are able to have this event again and such a huge success, the weather is perfect, we got some rain but it’s ready to go,” Cashman said.

Big Iron runs through Thursday.

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