Farmers Find Common Ground at Women Farmer Workshop

A workshop catered for women involved in agriculture.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – In an effort to help women across the region enhance their knowledge of soil, an informational workshop was held at North Dakota State University.

“This is our first night and it is women interested, that maybe have a little bit of land, all the way to inherent land. We are working together for soil health in kind of a discovery process where women can learn from one another, and do tours of each others farms,” Women in Conservation Group Co-Organizer Noreen Thomas said.

The event kicked off with a tour of the Northern Crops Institute followed by area women farmers sharing their experiences with farming and conservation.

Verna Kragnes is passionate about agriculture and has been actively involved in several ways connected to sustainability. She is coming out of retirement to reclaim some land and start a farm again.

“An NRCS contract that I received to help begin the restoration process on 51 acres of land that I inherited in 2002, but according to my dad’s instructions I was not able to do anything until my brother was ready to stop farming, which he is now. And basically I am getting started with some work to restore the soil and I have plans to establish a demonstration of soil health building,” said Kragness.

It expands awareness of programs and resources available through the Natural Resources Conservation Service that foster successful farm businesses and at the same time steward the land.

Several women enjoy the opportunity to have a workshop catered just for them; Melany Thomas, a beginning farmer, says it is exciting to see women that are involved in agriculture find a common ground with one another.

“As a woman in agriculture, it is really hard to find groups. You know, to have women come together and share stories and kind of safe judgement, so to say, because it is like a male as a nurse, you don’t see it that often,” Thomas said.

The workshop was made possible by Natural Resources Conservation Service.

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