Fargo Marathon welcomes back runners after last year’s cancellation

After last year's cancellation, runners from across 42 states showed up to participate in the marathon.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — With runners from more than 40 states lacing up their shoes, it’s safe to say the Fargo Marathon is back in full swing.

“We’re having the marathon back in Fargo again. It’s really exciting to see it come back. It’s fun to see the community back into the marathon. It’s one of our premier events, it brings a lot of people into the community. So we’re very pleased that it’s restarted and hope to see it in the spring early, again,” Fargo Mayor, Dr. Tim Mahoney said.

With three races throughout the day, runners paced themselves to the finish line as they participated in the 10 K, 13.1 mile half marathon and 26.2 mile full marathon.

“The champion of the Sanford Health Fargo Marathon from Castle Rock , Colorado, Mark Messmer.”

“It means a lot for sure. It’s my first race in pretty much two years because of covid and to come out and have a great crowd like this and have this many competitors out there. It feels really good to get a win too,” Fargo Marathon Men’s Winner Mark Messmer said.

Other runners at the marathon say they are glad to have running events back after various pandemic cancellations.

“We all missed a year of racing and even this year has been slow, so it just felt really good to be out there in a race atmosphere and be able to run again,” Fargo Women’s Half Marathon Winner, Megan Smith said.

“This race has been on my radar now for like two years, you just really prepare and set that goal and I think that’s my favorite thing. Trying to check out goals,” Fargo Men’s Half Marathon Winner, Spencer Ruebke said.

“I’m just wishing everybody else as much luck as I had today and that they just have fun and enjoy it. It’s awesome to be able to come back together,” Fargo Men’s 10K Marathon Winner, Adam Pangrac said.

“After covid and so many cancellations it’s extra special. I’ve always dreamed about this run and winning it. I train when I can so it’s extra special to actually do so well,” Fargo Women’s 10K Marathon Winner, Casie Coulter said.

The winner of the full marathon crossed the finish line after just two hours, 21 minutes and one second.


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