NDSU’s Punter Steindorf Feeling Confident After Two Big Games

Redshirt freshman had 45 yard punt average against Northern Iowa

FARGO, N.D — Over the last two weeks, North Dakota State punter, Kaedin Steindorf has come up big with the boot amassing 11 punts, the most he’s had in football up to this point and when one comes off good Steindorf doesn’t even feel it.

“You know you had your drops right. After your done kicking it, you don’t feel it initially. You just look up and the ball looks like a little dot going away. That’s definitely my favorite part.

Part of those 11 were five in the win over Northern Iowa for an average of 45 yards, which was a confidence booster.

“It definitely made me feel better. I had been floating around the 39 40 39 40 range and kept going back and forth,” Steindorf said. “I need to have a better game especially against a tough opponent like UNI. Being able to flip the field definitely helps me out but even more the team out. It was nice on those last three punts to finally connect and hit some a balls.”

Those three punts were on three straight drives helping the Bison hold on to the 14-point lead late against the Panthers, an opportunity for Steindorf to really show off the distance and pin their offense back deep.

“Finally able to get some deeper balls verses on our side of the field where were just kicking skies,” Steindorf said. “Getting those calls, it was a cool experience. I enjoyed it. Being able to let loose was very interesting for me.”

Steindorf has some pretty nice protection up front with tight end  Noah Gindorff, defensive end Costner Ching and guard Nash Jensen, giving him the right calls and for that, the redshirt freshman makes sure to do one thing after every play.

“Always thank them after almost every punt or whenever I can because I know they’re protecting me as long as I’m helping them out,” Steindorf said.

A lot of the credit goes to those who came before him especially last season’s FCS punter of the year, Garret Wegner, who said to stay calm, stay humble but get excited.

Now Steindorf will do just that in the first outdoor game of the conference schedule against Illinois State.

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