Jasir Cox: NDSU Football’s Team Barber

Bison senior linebacker plays more than just his role as teammate

FARGO, N.D — After a season-high six tackles against Northern Iowa, North Dakota State linebacker Jasir Cox has accepted the challenge head coach Matt Entz has given him since the spring tackle better.

“I took initiative with myself to understand that bringing a guy down is the main concept is the main concept our defense prides itself on,” Cox said. “Being able to make a stop is huge for the whole defense.”

That’s translated over into coverage as well with Cox impressing the coaching staff especially in man breaking up two passes.

“I think that comes with the job description as a Sam linebacker,” Cox said. “Knowing that my brother has played this position and knowing I’m going to be out there in the slot. Being able to tackle and being in the box is a big thing for us. On Tuesdays we go one and one and Wednesday were in the box banging it out with the big guys.”

While that high level of play has proven to his teammates he can get the job done, about 20 of them have come to trust Cox with something else off the field. Being the team barber. A love that came from family roots.

“My father he always cut hair and I love hair as well so I just watched a lot of YouTube videos on how to cut hair. Trial and error on myself,” Cox said. “Now that I say I can establish myself as the barber on the team, I’m able to help out those guys knowing that I’m a familiar face they can go to. It’s actually something I’d never think I do being here.”

“Its house calls. He knows my schedule,” receiver Christian Watson said. “Pretty much every two weeks on a Wednesday or Thursday, I come through so he knows what time it is.”

It started with one teammates and then others started to follow including Waston and NFL quarterback Trey Lance.

“We saw the first couple people he cut and he was pretty good,” Watson said. “I’m sure he took a lot from his dad. As soon as he started cutting us, he was doing it really well. I definitely try to keep it cool with Jasir at all times, I can’t have my barber not rocking with me.”

And don’t worry, Cox makes sure its affordable for everyone.

“It was just something I picked up out the blue,” Cox said. “I knew a lot of guys didn’t want to pay over 20 dollars for a haircut so I wanted to give a weight off their shoulders hack that price down. For myself, it’s free. I like that. It’s just a nice little thing I do on the side.”

Watson had his best game of the season after the last cut with 163 yards receiving and a touchdown When he gets one again before the next home game, who knows, maybe it will bring that good fortune again.

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