NDSU’s Ching, Eli Mostaert Solidifying Roles As Top Pass Rushers

Both have combined for 32 tackles, 5.5 sacks

FARGO, N.D — Defensive tackles Costner Ching and Eli Mostaert have been putting up big numbers for North Dakota State this fall. Through six games, the two have combined for 5.5 sacks, 32 tackles and a fumble recovery.
A lot of their performance was fueled by not living up to standards last season as the fourth best best in the Missouri Valley.

“The guys were just locked in ready to go. You talk about that chip on your shoulder,” Ching said. “A lot of people counting us out but were still here and good to go.”

“I’ve been priding myself on the pass rush this year and tried working at it last spring and did a decent job,” Mostaert said. “I worked on it even more this summer and into fall camp. It’s paying off for my so far and hopefully can keep it going the rest of the season.”

The spring season is where Mostaert really came on to the scene, playing all 10 games recording 34 tackles and 4.5 sacks building his confidence heading into this year.

“I hadn’t played a whole lot just a little bit in the Central Arkansas game last fall,” Mostaert said. “I needed the experience to get going for my career a little bit. It was much needed and though I did a decent job at it in the spring just needing to keep improving every year.”

“It gave them game time experience. It gave them more comfortability in the play calling and being out there,” Ching said. “Making plays and stepping up. We talk a lot about double repping and how awesome that is in fall camp. The youngers guys were a part of that and it’s coming to fruition. Now I’m just watching those guys all ball out pretty much.”

Head coach Matt Entz has said with other D-lineman Spencer Waege and Brayden Thomas out with ankle and shoulder injuries, Ching has been one of the veterans to really step up and be that face in the room.

“I’m just trying to enjoy all of it. All the guys are staying locked in with me but still at the same time having fun and enjoying themselves,” Ching said. “I think it’s just all predicated on this being my last year and trying to get out the right way.”

“He brings the energy we need. He’s like the big dad to us,” Mostaert said. “Always keeping us in check. Not goofing around too much. He’s a great guy and I love the man. He’s been working hard to help us all improve. Now Mostaert and Ching can be part of a defense who posts three shutouts in one season for the first time since 2014 when no. 21 ranked Missouri state comes to Fargo on Saturday.

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