U.S. Agriculture Secretary says it’s too soon to know if there will be a turkey shortage

WASHINGTON (KVRR) – In an interview with KVRR, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says it’s premature to know if we’re going to have a turkey shortage for Thanksgiving.

He says the Biden Administration is doing what it can to end supply chain issues to get birds and other cargo shipped nationwide. That includes trying to accelerate approving commercial drivers’ licenses to get more drivers on the roads.

“There’s an awful lot of activity going on. We’re helping small processing facilities to help continue opportunities to expand operations, so I’m confident at the end of the day folks are going to be able to enjoy Thanksgiving,” Vilsack said.

The Administration also worked with leaders at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to switch to a 24/7 schedule to lessen the amount of cargo ships waiting to dock.

You can watch Secretary Vilsack’s full comments in the video above.

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