People rally for the Kyle Rittenhouse case to be tried at the federal level

"The verdict just further makes clear that neocolonialism is alive and well."

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — People holding flags and signs rallied outside Fargo’s Federal Courthouse against the recent verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

They are calling for the case to be tried at the federal level.

“Had I been in Kyle’s position or anybody else of a darker complexion been in Kyle’s position, and we murdered two people, shot a third with a claim of self-defense, we are immediately demonized,” rallier Avalon Fyreheart said.

Born out of strong opposition towards the verdict of the Kyle Rittenhouse case, people in Fargo-Moorhead organized a rally to fight for change.

“What this verdict says is that the lives of three human beings, one of whom is grossly injured, are not as important as somebody else’s used car lot,” rallier Hilary Ray stated.

“The verdict just further makes clear that neocolonialism is alive and well,” said Fyreheart.

Several protesters at this rally also marched in Fargo’s Black Lives Matter protests last spring, where gunmen showed up to allegedly protect businesses. Starks says the verdict shows that this type of behavior is okay and poses significant danger to protesters.

“It encourages that type of behavior, so the next time six gunmen come at us while we are protesting, are the police going to let them come by and start murdering us? Like we have every right to protest. This is not a left or right, democratic or republican issue, this is a people’s issue,” protester Thomas Starks said.

Although the protest was small, it had a strong push for change.

“I am really really hoping that this will be pursued at the federal level,” added Ray.

“Doesn’t matter whether we are one or 1,100, we are going to keep showing up and there is nothing that will stop us,” Fyreheart explained.

He says the group will host more Fargo rallies soon.

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