Fargo North Boys Hockey Off To Best Start in Four Years

Haven't been to state tournament since 2013

FARGO, N.D — The Fargo north Spartans’ 5 and 3 start is the best since 2012-2013.  Much like the Warriors who inspired their name, the strength of the team is their ability to fight as a unit.

“You know where a guys gonna be with your eyes closed. Say on a breakout we’re coming out I know where my wings are gonna be.. We know each other in and out.”

“We kind of established this during tryouts, we needed to find a way to push each other but we’re telling guys everyday its your job to make the guy sitting next to you the best player on the ice”

The Spartans have not won state since 2012 and have not been to the state tournament since 2013.

“Our senior class out here has really been trying to make it to that state tournament; play an extra week, we’ve always gone home a week early and this year we really just wanna go that extra week.”

“And then obviously after that its winning a state championship but we HAVE look at like getting to state winning games, next game, all that stuff.”

“We’re hungry to get there and our goal everyday is to try to beat those teams that are there every year and work to better our program and when those big teams come to our arena we are ready to compete as hard as we can against them.”

“It’s gonna take a lot but I think we’ve got the team to do it come to practice everyday work hard.”

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