UND Hockey ‘Dialing Up’ Practice After Loss to USA Under 18 Team

Play final non-conference series against Cornell this weekend

GRAND FORKS, N.D — After being held scoreless and suffering their first loss in eleven meetings to the USA under 18 team, North Dakota hockey quickly learned how to throw it all away.

The result didn’t count in the standings or the  pairwise and played as an exhibition, however UND has been able to learn from the loss and find its identity again for the second half to begin.

The team gets back to its usual two-game weekend schedule Friday  at home  starting with the first match-up against Cornell in 12 years.

Head coach Brad Berry says its come with an dialed up week of practice going in.

“We started off with small area games and high compete drills right away without any typical shooting or warm-up drills,” Berry said. “Diving feet first into practices all three days here of what we need to do and hopefully that correlates with faster starts on Friday.”

“Working on our basics. Making tape to tape passes. Juts building our chemistry back up,” sophomore defenseman Tyler Kleven said. “I think everything we’ve done so far this week has pushed us in the right direction. We had an awesome practice today. Hopefully that leads to an even better weekend.”

“We want to make sure we have a positive record in the non-conference to upheld our standing in the pairwise,” Berry said. We built a good level right now of where we are and we don’t want to drop.”

UND sits number two in the pairwise and number five in the country going in to the last non-conference series.

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