Jamestown man who was once paralyzed is walking again

He suffered a traumatic brain injury, couldn't speak and was temporarily paralyzed. Doctors told Brown he would never walk again.

JAMESTOWN, N.D. (KVRR) – Josh Brown is nearly two years removed from the tragic four wheeler accident that almost took his life.

He suffered a traumatic brain injury, couldn’t speak and was temporarily paralyzed. Doctors told Brown he would never walk again.

“I just started walking with help, my sisters helped me and my parents, they helped me stay alive,” Crash survivor Josh Brown said.

Brown suffered a traumatic brain and spinal injury.

His parents knew Josh would fight back. He had multiple surgeries. He started rehab in Nebraska, was moved to Iowa, then back to Kansas and finally his mom brought him back home to Jamestown.

“I don’t remember having the accident with the four wheeler or nothing,” Brown said.

On Aug. 2 his mom Rhonda transferred him to Jamestown Regional Medical Center with encouragement from his sisters. He does physical, occupational and speech therapy two days a week for six hours total.

“His mom was pushing him in a wheelchair because he couldn’t quite figure out that motor planning to propel the wheelchair and move it with his hands and legs at the same time,” Occupational Therapist Amy Walz said.

The family says back in April he couldn’t stand at all or even hold his head up straight. By October he was doing physical activities like cooking, swimming and shoveling driveways.

Just a few months ago he was able to get up and walk on his own with limited help.

“Going to the hospital they started working me good. I mean letting me walk again, and making me work hard and listen and talk,” Brown said.

They say Brown came in with a fire in him to get better. He would pass every test given to him.

“We kept saying we have to keep working with him, he’s got that fire inside of him,” Walz said.

“He just has a positive attitude, you know you look at things in the room when he comes in differently,” Speech Therapist Lauren Burningham said.

Brown is making the most of his second chance.

“Busy all the time I get bored so I get up and shovel our driveway, and shovel the neighbors’ driveway, shovel the other neighbors’ driveway, and this one over here doesn’t want me to but I do it anyways. I like helping people and doing a good deed,” Brown said.

Brown is looking forward to hunting and working out with his son when he gets back to Kansas.

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