NDSU Baseball’s Loven Been “Mr. Reliable” As No.1 Starter

Loven continues to be the ace for the Bison Staff

FARGO, N.D — In four full seasons as one of three starters for North Dakota State baseball, Max Loven,  has established himself as a reliable left-handed arm pitching in 41 games throwing over 236 innings and is just seven  strikeouts shy of 200 for the career.

Having more wins than losses, it’s about staying in a consistent routine to lock in on the mound.

“I just happens once it gets until about an hour before the game,” Loven said. “It’s time to start stretching and getting loose. It just clicks. You’re just ready to go out, compete and do your best.”

Once the game gets going, Loven has to calm the nerves and stay positive so the senses of a lead slipping away or given up  bunch of runs in a row don’t affect him.

“I’m always a little nervous because even if you do everything right and throw the pitch where you want it. It can still get hit,” Loven said. “The offense can still put up runs. It’s so hard to tell for me and I try not to think about that too much or it definitely creeps into your head.”

Being the number one option and the first one out at the start of every series can take its toll, however knowing how reliable everyone else on the team is helps Loven not feel the heat.

“It’s not like its up to me to do anything. We have so many guys who have good stats and can easily pitch in any spot in the rotation,” Loven said. “For me in that way, it’s not a lot of pressure because if I have a bad outing everyone else left to pitch can go out and do well.”

Loven’s next start is at home for the first time this Friday against Northern Colorado. Last time against the Golden Bears, he recorded the win throwing four strikeouts and giving up just three hits in six innings of work.

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