GOP Endorses Candidate Dr. Scott Jensen for Governor of Minnesota

Dr Scott Jensen 051522

ROCHESTER, Minn. — Minnesota Republicans endorse Scott Jensen for governor during a convention that included allegations of dirty campaigning between second and third-place candidates.

“No offer was ever made to Mike Murphy. Not one,” Kendall Qualls told delegates that Murphy had come to his war room seeking a job in his administration. “Because he didn’t get his way, he stormed out and went straight to Scott Jensen.”

Jensen, a family practice doctor from Chaska and a skeptic of the government’s response to COVID-19 and the vaccine, went over the top on the ninth ballot with 65% of the vote.

He led on the first two ballots, then regained the lead on the seventh but needed 60% for the endorsement.

Jensen will face DFL Gov. Tim Walz in this fall’s general election unless one of his Republican rivals force a primary.

Qualls did not appear on stage with Jensen but did issue a statement saying that he would not force a primary and would transition back to private life.

DFL Chairman Ken Martin says “Republicans have chosen the most extreme and dangerous candidate to lead their party in the fall.”

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