Bergstraser Right Person For “Short And Long Term” Of MSUM Men’s Basketball

Former assistant named head coach of Dragons

MOORHEAD, Minn — After a nationwide search narrowed down to three final candidates for men’s basketball head coach, Minnesota State-Moorhead found their future right in their own backyard with Tim Bergstraser.

Bergstraser has been on the MSUM staff for the last seven years, first as a grad assistant and most recently as the top assistant under former head coach Chad Walthall the last four seasons..

With a heavy influence in recruiting, the current roster familiarity with both the program and the NSIC, made it easy to standout  in the hiring process -and for picking up right where the team left off.

“The relationships on have with the players on this team so far. I think people value my work ethic that I put forth in this program,” Bergstraser said. “I think people have recognized how much pride I have for this program. Overall I want to see this place excel and want to continue the winning tradition we’ve had here.”

“He’s been a huge part of our success over the last six years,” athletic director Chad Markuson said. “When he came in as a GA, right away I saw this guy has something special. I’ve watched him grow in his career and has risen to the top of our very short applicant list. He’s the right person for the short term and the right person for the long term.”

Filling in as coach in the past, Bergstraser is 2-1.

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