Bismarck non-profit targets Fargo City Commissioner

FARGO (KVRR) – A Bismarck non-profit is taking aim at a Fargo city commissioner, just weeks ahead of the June municipal election.

A flyer showing up in Fargo mailboxes highlights an incident last year when Commissioner Dave Piepkorn raised his right fist with his middle finger extended during a tense city commission meeting. The incident was captured on video posted on the Fargo City Commission’s official website.

The flyer shows a manipulated photo of a smiling Piepkorn, who appears to be raising his hands with his middle fingers blacked-out.

The mailer, paid for by Brighter Future Alliance, says “Dave Piepkorn is more than out of touch, he’s out of line” and says “Piepkorn’s behavior is “inexcusable.”

The large post card doesn’t mention anyone else in the city commission race and there are no clues indicating if another candidate authorized the mailer.

Brighter Future Alliance Founder Pat Finken issued a statement after being asked about the mailer.

“Brighter Future Alliance is a 501c4 non-profit. Our mission is to advance the cause of freedom and free enterprise to further the common good and general welfare of the citizens of North Dakota and the United States. As a 501c4, we do not and will not coordinate with any political party, campaign, or candidate.”

Messages seeking comment from Piepkorn were not immediately returned.

Piepkorn is one of 15 candidates running for the Fargo City Commission. The election is June 14.

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