East All-Stars Prepare For Shrine Bowl

The East All-Stars Prepare for the 11-man Shrine Bowl Game

MAYVILLE N.D.–The North Dakota Shrine Bowl is held annually. The best high school football players in the state compete in an all-star game raising money for Shriners Hospital for children. For the athletes participating this is a unique opportunity to lace up the cleats one more time at the high school level and even team up with former rivals.

“It’s a lot of fun. I know there are a lot of players on the other team I always admired like Colby, Parker, and John. So its a lot of fun to actually be on the same side of the ball as them or just be playing on the same team as them; they are dogs they bring it every game so it’s fun being on the same team,” said Grant Warkenthein, former quarterback at West Fargo Sheyenne.

While playing alongside the regions best presents a unique opportunity playing against the best in practice is a challenge

“I mean it’s pretty fun just in practice we can see linebackers like Colby Jones over there.. he be reading some screen passes that we do and its just.. I mean the competitions there..” said Parker Nelson, former runningback of the West Fargo Packers.

“The line on our team is pretty good so its like just going against them, shedding blocks is pretty hard so its just getting me prepared for what’s gonna happen Saturday I mean I think we have the best of the best so I think just going against that is gonna help me for Saturday,” said Colby Jones former linebacker of Fargo South.

With a lot of big names on the roster one of the smallest men on the field has stolen the show in practice.. .

“My boy Johnny Gores over here.. I mean obviously I played against him a few times I knew he was good but.. he’s just.. .what are you 5’3? 5’4? OK he’s 5’6 my bad.. he’s 5’6 and he’s just making catches that these guys who 6’5 aren’t it’s just insane,” said Nelson.

“Well really being a shorter guy a lot of people kind of count you out before you even get to show ’em anything so its just great to show that heart weighs more than height,” said John Gores former wide receiver of Shanley High School.

If Gores does find his way into the endzone tomorrow he’ll be ready.

“Hopefully scoring a touchdown tomorrow.. might have to break out a gritty you know.. one time for the one time,” said Gores.

With the game less than 24 hours away however and their high school careers in the rearview.. the Beast of the East are focused on one thing… going out with a W…

“We were rivals before going against eachother, really just being competitive and now coming together being competitive and going against the West is really amazing and it shows what a competitive spirit and a competitive atmosphere can do for you and this obstacle right now is to take out the west so that’s what we’re gonna do,” said Jones.

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