One on One With RedHawks Drew Ward

Adam Talks With Drew Ward

FARGO– Drew Ward has led the Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks with ten homeruns so far this season. After Thursday’s win over Clebourne, Adam Chalifoux caught up with Drew for a Q and A.

Adam: You’re leading the team with ten homeruns so far.. what’s gone into the success behind the plate?

Drew Ward: “I’m just trying to barrel the ball and whatever happens after that I mean it’s really not up to me but in the box I am just trying to see the zone and put the barrel on it and what happens happens.. ”

Adam: “You and John have been neck and neck all year.. you got ten.. he’s got nine.. whos gonna finish with more homers?

Drew Ward: “I mean I’m gonna have to say me I mean I can’t just say he’s gonna do it but its gonna be a tight race for sure. That guys got out of this world juice. I mean it’s ridiculous so I’m gonna have to keep hitting them to stay up with him but yeah I am gonna have to say I am.”

Adam: Are you guys keeping track of this?

Drew Ward: ” I mean a little bit I mean I think what was it last week.. we were tied 8-8 and we come in and Coster he was like I heard Drew say challenge accepted around John and then next day I hit a homerun to go up 1 but yeah, we’re kinda keeping track of it.”

Adam: “Who were some of your favorite players growing up?”

“Growing up, Alex Rodriguez, A-Rod was by far my favorite player growing up. I lived in Oklahoma and he was playing for Texas with the Rangers at the time and he was a shortstop I played shortstop when I was younger and I just tried to copy my game off him and then he was a lefty hitter and I was a righty hitter but other than that I feel like I just tried to copy everything he did… He was kinda in that era where shortstops became power hitters you know and watching that and knowing that shortstops can be power hitters too because at the time I was a big kid but I didnt know I was gonna be this big you know what I’m saying so seeing that you know really helped with the mindset of you know what, you can hit homers too.. ”

When asked about the team’s performance Ward said, “We have a great lineup.. I mean everyone knows that everytime the away team comes in their pitchers are like wow I better be on my A game because one through nine we have really good hitters and I truly believe we’re gonna keep on putting numbers so.. “The team is bonding really well. We get along so well in the clubhouse, we all have these little handshakes before the game, we’re just trying to keep us on our toes, and having fun with it and I feel like that’s the biggest thing biggest reason for our success is just having fun and playing for each other.”

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