RedHawks’ McGovern’s Impact On Team Goes Beyond the Numbers

FM Redhawks Pitcher Kevin McGovern Wants to Bring a Championship to Fargo

FARGO– Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks pitcher, Kevin McGovern made history Tuesday night, earning his 56th career win to set a new American Association record.
“This is definitely up there as one of the top accomplishments of my career and I think that it just shows to what I’m trying to do which is stay healthy and give as much as I can to my team and those kind of numbers start adding up,” said  McGovern.“As an organization when you have a guy on your roster that’s done what guys like Kevin have done your proud but when it comes to winning, that’s what he does. He wins games; strikeout record that’s great it has some dominance to it but wins is what we’re really all about when we take the field so a guy who has the league record and is part of our organization, there is a lot of pride in that because winning is what we’re all about and that’s what Kevin is all about,” said RedHawks manager, Chris Coste. With a 4-1 record this season, McGovern’s impact on the team is not limited to when he is on the mound however, recently taking up a player-coach position. “It was something I asked Chris Costeto be a part of this year. If I come back I’d like to have this opportunity because I wanted.. I never had this opportunity before and it’s in part  that I want to transition my career into coaching and helping younger guys and I felt like this was a really good opportunity thatI could handle both… It’s very difficult but it’s the most I have gotten out of a baseball season in, you know, 25 .. about 25 years of playing baseball. This is the most impact I’ve ever had and it’s impacted me the most and I am getting more out of the game this year than I have any other,” said McGovern. “The best leaders always lead by example and he’s one of those guys. As a starting pitcher so much goes into the four or five days leading up to a start so you know a good coach can say a lot of things and give a lot of advice but the best teammates because Kevin is both a teammate and a coach is a perfect scenario because because he has a ton of great advice and experience but he also can lead by example. He makes everyone around him better even the coaching staff,” said Coste.Now holding the American Association’s records for career wins, innings pitched, and strikeouts, McGovern’s ultimate goal is to help the RedHawks win their first American Association championship. ” I realize what kind of organization they are and the reason our team is so good is a lot of guys recognize that; very talented guys, Drew Ward comes back, John Silviano, Many Boscan, these are guys that come back not just because they want to play baseball but because they want to play baseball here in Fargo and this is a really special team, a really special organization, and they only thing I really care about now after all those accomplishments is getting a ring for Fargo and being a champion for this city and this organization,” said McGovern.

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