RedHawks Balanced Line-Up/Pitching Helping Them to Best Record in American Association

Team's 29-11 record is top of the league

FARGO, N.D — The Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks are the hottest team in the American Association through 40 games. With a league best 29-11 record and winning their last six straight series, it’s all been about a balanced attack.

“The Hawks are hot is something we keep saying all the time and feed in to each other where I feel like even if someone doesn’t have a great game somebody is going to pick us up,” pitcher Kevin McGovern said. “It’s just something where I want to try to give as much as I can to the team and pitch deep into the games.”

“When you keep aggressive and happy in the field, you never know what’s going to happen,” outfielder Rymer Liriano said. “The result of the game is a lot of wins because a lot of the guys aren’t thinking too much and just having fun enjoying the game.”

“We’ve scored a lot of runs if we need to. We’ve got the pitching when we need to,” manager Chris Coste said. “Defense has been very consistent all year long. Were just a very well-rounded team and can win a game in a lot of different ways because we’ve done that all year.”

The offense contains three of the top hitters. Third baseman Leo Pina leads everyone with a .401 batting average. Designated hitter Drew Dard is fifth in that category and in home runs blasting out 12 and right fielder John Silviano is fifth in RBI driving in 39.

“Some of it is experience and comfort level,” Coste said. “Winning is so important to our guys, yeah they want personal success but the winning when you play in this league to win personally you’re going to do better. The bottom line is we have a lot of really good players. The well-roundedness 1-9, the nine hitter had five hits almost six.”

“Hustle. Don’t need to do anymore. Keep the mental aggressiveness with the swing,” Liriano said. “Stay aggressive with the defense. Think about it like the playoffs. When you play hard, hustle and are aggressive like it’s the playoffs, that’s what we want to do.“

On the mound, Kevin McGovern has been the reliable left-handed ace posting the most wins with five and second in strikeouts sending 59 back to grab some bench.

“That’s why I try to put as much as I can early until the bats come alive and then I get to feed into going as deep as I can in the game. Filling up strikes,” McGovern said. “Trying to hold the lead which is really easy to do with this line-up because even if I give up one, I feel like they’ll come back with two or three the next inning. It’s fun to pitch for this team. They make my job a lot easier but I still have to do my job so I’m happy about that.”

Hawks go back out on the road this week where there has been success taking dubs in 17 of 26, giving them confidence to close another one out.

“Were not too afraid to go out and beat somebody in their own place,” McGovern said. “That’s something it’s really important to do because we just had this homestand and a lot of fun in front of our fans but it’s important to not lose focus on the road. We have guys that are really taking this seriously every single time out. This is the best group of guys in terms of I can’t find one who I dislike. I think that’s important because when you’re on the road together you share a bus, you share hotel rooms. Were feeding into each other personality wise but having a lot of talent is important to.”

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