NDSU Football is Cam Miller’s Team

The starting quarterback on first day of fall camp

FARGO, N.D — The air in Fargo just smelled different this morning as North Dakota State began day one of fall camp at Decotah Field. Not only is it the first time coming together on the field since raising the national championship trophy, its the first without controversy..

At the quarterback position that is. This season, the Bison are Cam Miller’s team. There’s no battle to win out the job and that’s taken an immense amount of pressure off him.

Miller said he worked on the east coast with a throwing coach in the offseason. Improved his arm strength, an area where he thinks he lacked the most and head coach Matt Entz challenged him to become a better leader.

All those aspects are coming together.

“Taking more steps and being more vocal. I felt last year I left the speaking to a lot of the upperclassman,” Miller said. “I’ve really taken the reigns of that role and even being a leader towards this guys who have been here 5-6 years, just keeping them in line.”

“He’s gone through two seasons now. You’ve had another offseason physically and mentally to prepare with some access stuff. The next piece is the leadership piece,” Entz said. “Being able to address an offensive lineman, tight end, wide receiver, running back. Make sure were all on the same page. That starts in the huddle. That starts in the meeting room. I know in the summer, every Sunday night, he had a receiver meeting. Player driven. Leadership driven. Going over everything for Monday. That discretionary work is unbelievably valuable.”

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