NDSU Football Practices on New Turf

Day two of fall camp update

FARGO, N.D — It’s Friday and the bison received a gift for day two of fall camp practicing on their brand new turf. Both sides of the ball are still very early into the install and for the first week Entz has a certain approach.

“Our philosophy early in fall camp is really break it down into the things we want to be truly good at all year,” Entz said. “That’s running the football. Playing gap sound defense. I always believe what you install the first five-six days is what you are throughout the rest of the season. We have to do a great job of getting our base stuff in. Our kids are excited and have a sense of urgency.”

With 12 fifth and sixth year players Entz says not every veteran will see reps during this early stretch.

“Gindy (Noah Gindroff) coming off that ankle, he’s a sixth year player, is there really a need for four weeks of fall camp leading up to game one? He’s out here with a script locked in to the details,” Entz said. “Same here with Hunter (Luepke). Does he need to carry the ball 20 times a day right now, I don’t think so. That’s my decision. We’ll get them in to camp when we feel like we need to start prepping for week one.”

“I believe there is seven of us sixth years and I just love those guys. It goes way past football,” safety Michael Tutsie said. “They know I would do anything for them off the field. I know they would do anything for me and my daughter. That’s when it means the most to me and that’s how you get through it because they would do the same for you. You’re not going to coast and do that for your teammate.”

This is the first year under Entz where there is no quarterback battle. The pressure is off and the offense is firmly in Cam Miller’s hands. Miller worked on the east coast this spring with a QB coach and improved his arm strength, an area where he think he lacked the most.

“Taking more steps and being more vocal. I felt last year I left the speaking to a lot of the upperclassman,” Miller said. “I’ve really taken the reigns of that role and even being a leader towards this guys who have been here 5-6 years.”

“He’s gone through two seasons now. You’ve had another offseason physically and mentally to prepare with some access stuff. The next piece is the leadership piece,” Entz said. “Being able to address an offensive lineman, tight end, wide receiver, running back. Make sure were all on the same page. That starts in the huddle. That starts in the meeting room. I know in the summer, every Sunday night, he had a receiver meeting. Player driven. Leadership driven. Going over everything for Monday. That discretionary work is unbelievably valuable.”

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