Fargo family wins one of two episodes on Family Feud

The Meyhuber family out of Fargo had the opportunity to battle it out on Family Feud.

SABIN, Minn. (KVRR)- Imagine the thrill of competing under the bright lights on your favorite game show.

The Meyhuber family out of Fargo had the opportunity to battle it out on Family Feud. They say the feeling of appearing on a show they’ve been fans of for so long is still surreal.

“It kind of feels like a Twilight Zone episode because none of us actually thought we’d get on there and it started here at this house,” Bob Meyhuber said.

They filmed their audition tape for the show at their niece’s house in Sabin.

After holding in the secret of their results for months from people constantly asking, the family’s first episode aired Tuesday.

“The hardest was keeping it from family because you want to share that great news with them, and we had six family members come down to Atlanta with us and we couldn’t tell them,” Bob said.

Now they are finally getting chance to see themselves on the small screen for the first time.

“It’s bringing back a lot of memories we had forgotten like questions that had been asked, answers that we answered I forgot all of them,” said Sue Meyhuber said.

“Our biggest fear was going on the show and not scoring points. So, when we got those first set of points we were all coming together like we got it, we got some points, you know? That was box number one checked. We’re not getting skunked,” Bob and Jeff Wettstein said.

After seeing themselves play, would they change anything?

“Well, now that I know what the right answers are, I’d probably go with the right answers,” Sue said.

“After Sue answered her deal, and I answered my question and got beeped, Bob comes up, listen to the question!,” Sue said.

They did make it to two episodes and have life long memories.

“We did good, we did awesome, we won!,” said Sue.

“If you don’t do it’s a sure thing you won’t get on but at least if you try you can say you tried and you had fun doing it,” Bob said.

They won $20,000 on Tuesday’s show, but lost Wednesday’s episode in the fourth round.

You can watch Family Feud from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. on KVRR.

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