Rep. Armstrong predicting a good midterm for Republicans

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — North Dakota Congressman Kelly Armstrong met with staff and patients at The Ridge a treatment and recovery center in Fargo.

He says he predicts a good night for Republicans in the upcoming midterm elections because of “economic headwinds” causing problems for families across North Dakota. He says he believes voters will get the country back on track.

Armstrong says it’s a huge problem when you see people smuggling fentanyl through the southern border.

He adds Republicans taking back the House will improve the 2023 Farm Bill.

“Any community who had an overdose of fentanyl in the last 48 hours is a border community. The reality is, the vast majority, almost all of this is coming across the Southern border. For North Dakota, I think the biggest benefit for Republicans taking back the house is the Farm Bill will be about agriculture and not climate. We’re starting on that right now, it’s hugely important for the agriculture industry not just in North Dakota but the whole country,” Armstrong said.

Regarding Measure 2, which would legalize cannabis in North Dakota, Armstrong is unsure if he’ll support it. He adds it shouldn’t be classified as a Schedule I narcotic.

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